Prostitutes Are Customer Service Representatives Too

Prostitutes Are Customer Service Representatives Too

HAWTHORNE — The late comedian extraordinaire George Carlin often riffed on euphemisms and how people have come to abuse them as well as the rapidity with which they are conceived, employed and transformed yet again.

Jorge Alfredo Herrera, 39, must have taken Carlin’s rants to heart when he was picked up on Wednesday, May 14 by Hawthorne Police department Officers. The El Segundo resident was stopped along the 3700 block Imperial Highway near Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) where the 405 and 105 freeways intersect. The stretch of road is well-known among locals and travelers alike for being a curbside market offering a variety of wares, and police frequently arrest those who stop too long or frequently to partake of them.

Herrera was charged with loitering with the intent to prostitute. According to police reports, he claimed to be a “customer service representative.”

Bail was set at $2,000.

One has to give him a hand for his creativity—although it could be that he would prefer to give others one so that he can start paying that bail to get out of jail.

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