Two People, Two Stolen Cars, Two Arrests

Two People, Two Stolen Cars, Two Arrests

FOUNTAIN VALLEY – It doesn’t get much easier than this for local law enforcement.  It all started at the Sam’s Club on Brookhurst Street.  Someone stole a set of keys from a woman’s purse as it sat in her shopping cart.  The victim went out into the parking lot and saw her 2012 Jeep Patriot being driven away by an unknown female.

29-year-old Maria Navarro was arrested about a mile from the store.  As police reviewed surveillance footage they spotted someone who later was determined to be Navarro’s accomplice, 33-year-old Frank Moreno, driving off in another vehicle that had been reported stolen a few weeks ago.  That vehicle was a 2005 Honda CRV.

Maria Navarro

Maria Navarro

Here’s where it gets more interesting.  As they processed Navarro’s arrest, police found Moreno’s driver’s license.  His photo on the license matched the surveillance footage.   After her release, Navarro returned to the police station a few days later to retrieve her belongings.  She walked directly into Fountain Valley Police station with who else but Frank Moreno on her arm.

Police recognized him and immediately took him into custody, setting bail at $100,000.  The Honda’s key was in his pocket and the vehicle was parked behind the station.

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