Woman violates restraining order, arrested for stalking

Woman violates restraining order, arrested for stalking

Novato police officers were called in to assist in a domestic dispute that crossed county lines early Thursday morning and ultimately arrested a woman from Chico who had violated a restraining order taken out by her husband. Sergeant Nicholas Frey of the NPD issued a press release concerning the incident.

Erin Maureen Foreman, 31, apparently thwarted her out-of-county restraining order when she decided to send her husband a series of text messages and left him voicemails, a number of which threatened his safety, throughout the previous night. Her husband had been staying in an area hotel the evening before, and it appears that Foreman found out where he was staying and drove from Chico to his hotel under cover of darkness.

The victim saw Foreman in the hotel parking lot as he left Thursday morning, and she proceeded to follow him even after he got into his car and drove away. At this point, at 6:46 a.m., the victim called police from his car and reported Foreman for multiple violations of the restraining order against her.

Police rushed to the area, near the PG&E substation on Hamilton Drive in Novato. Frey reports that it took officers “from the time of call to the time of locating her, give or take a half an hour.” Foreman, he said, “was located in close proximity to her vehicle” when officers found and arrested her.

Officers booked Foreman into Marin County Jail on charges of violating a served domestic violence restraining order and stalking. Frey confirms that officers have interviewed Foreman, but cannot disclose what they learned about her motives in this incident. She had been arrested twice before recently for violating the terms of the restraining order, in October of last year and again at the end of March.

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  1. Frank W
    Frank W 12 October, 2014, 18:09

    That’s one crazy nutsO!

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  2. Alice Beckett
    Alice Beckett 8 May, 2015, 09:11

    Erin is a GREAT kid. I have known her since she was a young girl.
    I DO NOT believe any of this went down that way…
    Her exe sounds like PUSS!

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  3. Patricia B. Albright
    Patricia B. Albright 8 May, 2015, 12:14

    The ex-husband, Mark Foreman is a manipulative sociopath that knew exactly what he was doing when he lured her into Marin County – He is No Victim. Don’t be fooled by his face, that is one Dark Soul! Erin and her daughter are the only victims here. Karma is coming…..

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  4. Sara
    Sara 9 May, 2015, 14:36

    Erin was convicted unanimously by a jury of 12 people of this crime. Justice has been served.

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  5. Frank W
    Frank W 9 May, 2015, 23:25

    Guilty on all charges = NutsO! Figure it out people… She’s one crazy koko cray cray NutsO braud!

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  6. American justice
    American justice 11 May, 2015, 12:16

    Obviously you don’t know the man you are referring too. Looks like the 12 adults seen the truth. But your right karma is a btch.

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  7. Liberty
    Liberty 11 May, 2015, 17:30

    I know both parties involved and Erin was a pathological liar, narcissist, and sociopath! if you still believe she’s the victim EVEN AFTER BEING FOUND GUILTY ON ALL CHARGES by a jury of 12 adults than she seriously has you duped! Evidence doesn’t lie. Kudos to her ex for not losing his cool with her, she did this to herself!

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  8. Chris
    Chris 24 May, 2015, 15:38

    Erin has her faults, we all do, but she is a good person. It’s a sad situation.

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  9. Carl
    Carl 1 June, 2015, 12:57

    It’s difficult to get a felony stalking conviction in California and the jury’s decision must be unanimous, otherwise it’s declared a mistrial. The evidence presented by the prosecutor must have been extremely compelling for the jury to reach a unanimous decision and deliver a verdict of guilty.

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  10. Susan P.
    Susan P. 2 June, 2015, 19:24

    Yes, it is true; we all have our faults. But having faults and engaging in behavior that leads to being arrested for stalking are two different issues.

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