Woman’s stabbing was self inflicted, according to documents

Woman’s stabbing was self inflicted, according to documents

Editor’s note: The story below, published in March of this year, is based on information released by Chula Vista Police and other San Diego media reports. Several people with apparent connections to the suspect in the stabbing have posted comments (see below) regarding this incident and Brandon Mason. None of the information they have posted could be independently confirmed up until now. San Diego NBC News 7 has now reported that they received access to a court document in which the supposed victim, Brittany Vinck, now states that she was “high, and fought with him” and that after they broke up, she stabbed herself, hoping he would come back to help her. They have also confirmed that he attempted suicide, and after being hospitalized in critical condition, died from his self inflicted wounds.

Like Janet Leigh’s character in Alfred Hitchcock’s film ‘Psycho’, a woman claimed she was stabbed by a deranged man while she was in the shower.

Brandon Mason, a 29-year-old Chula Vista man who was recently released from jail, was arrested Tuesday for allegedly stabbing his former girlfriend after she broke up with him.

Mason’s 21-year-old girlfriend apparently told him on Monday that she was breaking off their relationship, or that she had been unfaithful. Later, after midnight when she took a shower at her Palomar Street apartment, Mason allegedly broke into the bathroom and stabbed her in the chest. She was able to run out of the building and scream for help. When she collapsed, naked and bleeding, she was assisted by a man who said he was a medic with the National Guard. Another woman called 911 to report the stabbing emergency.

In a Facebook photo dated February 22, Mason carries a rose, possibly for his future victim.

In a Facebook photo dated February 22, Mason carries a rose.

Mason fled on foot, and was found by police that morning after 7 am after he climbed into a garbage dumpster near the Von’s Grocery on Eastlake Parkway. He had just been released from jail three days earlier. He now faces an attempted murder charge.

The victim required surgery but was reportedly in stable condition, according to reports

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  1. ronny
    ronny 20 March, 2014, 18:29

    You’ve been misinformed. She wasn’t leaving him. She had a fatal attraction. He was leaving her to move up north. And he wouldn’t have stabbed her for cheating, he’s not violent with women. If he actually did stab her then there was something else very very wrong being done. She might be the victim but not innocent by any means!

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  2. Crazytammy
    Crazytammy 24 March, 2014, 13:17

    Nobody said she was innocent but really you got this guys back he’s been in and out for years and obviously not trying to do better can’t get a real job and avoid trouble with that tat! Up north with that tat! Yeah that’s trouble. Get your stuff straight rommy, almost 30 and back in jail he ain’t going nowhere but down

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  3. Crazytammy
    Crazytammy 24 March, 2014, 13:37

    I feel sorry for the other women he hit… I saw previous domestic issues on his forever long wrap sheet! And these women’s mothers should have shown their daughters self respect.

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  4. Baby
    Baby 26 April, 2014, 23:36

    Who ever created this site & took his pictures off his fb is really sick! Brandon would never hurt another human being in that manner . Only Brandon & the girl knows the real truth & what he’s being charged with is a lie ! His attorney knows the truth ! & the sad thing about it is a innocent man is hanging onto his life because of this !

    He has been so depressed that last night he was found in his cell hung – he sits in the hospital clinging to his life on a venerate . And who we can thank is his attorney for not helping him & a crime that would put him in prison for life on a crime he didn’t do –

    So next time idiots like you that enjoys bashing people ! Think twice on what your saying & get your facts straight because the only phyco I see is you !

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  5. Baby
    Baby 26 April, 2014, 23:49

    To crazytammy :

    And for you that want to know the real truth ! His crimes were petty – & violating parole for not having transportation to see his parole officer . when he was released from prison ( for not going to his parole meeting ) he had full intentions to get his life together – then he met this young lady-

    No one should be judged as you have judged him without knowing the full facts ! You don’t know this young man so where do you & the person that created this site get off by bashing someone you don’t know?

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  6. Mark
    Mark 5 May, 2014, 10:10

    Well hopefully this loser SCUM has died, he was in tehachapi, was a total loser, druggy in jail, and was always put into ADSEG for being a problem, threatening people and also assaulting cops (he was in GREEN’s in Jail) he is not a SAINT he is a total jerk off, I see he is NOT listed in jail so hopefully his suicide worked, he doesnt deserve to be in the public, and If he isnt dead then hopefully he will be in prison forever or get the death penalty.

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    • vendetta
      vendetta 6 May, 2014, 23:29

      Mark obviously your a cdc officer so you are aware of the fact that alleged suicide means killed by the cops. and your kind are the real jerk off – greens mean combative or attempted escape, as well as behavioral health issues. and when someone has been abused for so long by the wonderful peace officers combative is the word used for fighting for life. so mark loser problem you are the one that doesnt deserve to be in public infact i think death would be too kind for you but possibly eternity being hurt by the cdc officers they way they hurt bran. brittany mariah vinck has some serious mental and social issues that have killed my dear friend and allowed the pigs to get away with his murder. but in the end of days it is the corrupt peace officers who covered up a cold killing by witholding info, telling lies, keeping family distracted with petty arguments so they wouldnt question or expose them. he tried to live, sqeezed our hands to let us know hes still there, but they wouldnt allow him to live and tell. i was told he passed peacefully saturday the 3rd at 6:17 pm. oddly enough the coroner called me this morning and out of curiosity i asked him the date and time brandon was pronounced dead, he said friday the second just after 11am. heart breaking really that they were allowing him to be visited for over twenty four hours after hed passed… may the universe punish those who hurt a kind gentle friend let them be punished 3fold. blessed be bran, i love you forever!

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    • ronny
      ronny 21 May, 2014, 23:10

      Mark you do not deserve to be in public, your not fit for human flesh. Now either your a punk pc or a hating ass cdc officer either way he entered Tehachapi as a minor and the cdc officers did horrendous things to him. That is not up for debate or to be proven. what is up for debate is the alleged suicide the da stating that the charges would be dropped(if so he could have been moved away from that horrid nurse Elizabeth s in micu and the latter of the deputies that were there to protect him, QUACK!! he could have lived possibly. The coroners office and homicide detective aren’t going for the “suicide” excuse. but how can we get any further investigation like Mariah did, shes not doing a drop of time for lying and essentiallyW causing his death. Why? and why aren’t hs charges being dropped until thevcourt date. and why was no one allowed to be there during his unplug from the ventilator, why did luitenant asler lie about him being at ucsd he was never there and if he was found after chow durning checks how come his first hospital notes did not occure till almost 11:30 at night when he arrived at mercy? who killed this innocent… yes innocent man? a bad past doesn’t mean automatically guilty. that drug addict mental case Brittany Mariah acevedo vinck is guilty and why was she threatening his life with gang members? and why is her husband really in calipatria for the next four years at the age of 21 hes already been down two???? why ???? why had the media smutted him up sooo bad and not anyone of them except ch7 told the truth ????? what are they hiding??

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  7. Baby
    Baby 5 May, 2014, 14:40

    Mark – god help you for your sick comments ! The only loser I see us you !! Obviously you were in prison ! To wish death upon anyone is horrible !
    God help you

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  8. Tina
    Tina 5 May, 2014, 21:07

    For all involved Brandon died may 3rd in the hospital . The girl who was stabbed wrote a long letter recanting her statement before Brandon hung himself. He did not know of the letter. The girl said she stabbed herself and blamed Brandon. May he rest in peace..

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  9. Michelle
    Michelle 6 May, 2014, 01:40

    Actually he did NOT stab this woman or touch her she has admitted in court documents that she stabbed HERSELF And blamed it on him because he was trying to leave her, she belongs in jail

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  10. baby
    baby 6 May, 2014, 11:55

    Mariah Brittney Vinck took this amazing young man away from his family. He was on his way to be with his family up north, where he had a job lined up, a home to live in and a place where he could get his life together. She intervened in his plan and because of this, he ended up in jail for something he didn’t do, and because of this he fell into a deep depression and took his life. Leaving behind a lady he loved more than life , his former wife, and his son.

    His dysfunctional Mother and Sister have made this unfortunate situation worse. His biological mother gave up on him when he was 7 and his sister has done nothing but try to make his life worse. The two biological people in his life are nothing but dysfunctional and crazy sick people.

    Brandon’s family are those that were not of blood, except his son, and everyone that knew Brandon knew he REALLY LOVED and cared about. This boy had no chance because of those that were taunting him and causing him nothing but problems. His Biological family and this young girl that would not allow Brandon to leave and go home.

    Brandon Mason was an AMAZING man with a huge heart- He left this earth knowing who was in his corners of the world-

    For all of you that knew Brandon Mason, knew an amazing young man full of life. now he is with God and and forever in our hearts.

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  11. baby
    baby 6 May, 2014, 11:57

    to staff reporter:

    out of respect to his family- Please rewrite the TRUST and remove all these negative comments- This is unfair to his son and wife

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  12. Baby
    Baby 10 May, 2014, 12:47

    Brittany Vinck knew Brandon for a brief time ! She is responsible for the death of Brandon – she is a drug attict and has a history of trying to commit suicide . Every man she’s been involved with ended up in jail and prison – she is bad news ! She gets to live with the fact he is dead because of her false and selfish statements – he was wanting to go up north to be with his family & she stopped him by stabbing herself & falsely accusing him! She took him away from his son – from his family and thise he loved the most ! May his soul rest in peace-

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  13. Baby
    Baby 10 May, 2014, 12:48

    To the Staff Writer

    Please – out of respect to his family – please re-write this story and tell the truth – thank you –

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  14. Baby
    Baby 14 May, 2014, 18:46

    Theses are the facts :
    1. Brandon was falsely accused if a crime he didn’t commit
    2. Brittnay Mariah Vinck told his attorney & investogator he didnt do it
    3. NBC released an updated report that she produced a three page statement confessing he didn’t do it staying she didn’t want him to leave her
    4. He died May 3, 2014
    Want confirmation ?
    Call Scripts Mercy hospital records
    Call The Sherrifs office & confirm he’s not there
    Call NBC and look at the story on their website
    Call his attorney at the public defenders
    Call the DA and they will confirm

    Need I say more !

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  15. Baby
    Baby 14 May, 2014, 18:52

    The facts are : you ppl in the media love announcing the bad but when an innocent man dies because of a physco girl then the truth need be told ! Out of respect to his family you ” staff writer” obviously you have no heart because your story is horrible & you don’t even have the decency to public the actual truth ! You are not a writer in my book ! Your a cold hearted person that has no human kindness in your soul ! And only thrives on the bad … I’ve never known one writer to ever publish to truth or the other side of the story ! Maybe you will come to your senses and show me I’m wrong that there are human kindness media writers ! How would you feel if that person was your father or brother … Or son !

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  16. Baby
    Baby 14 May, 2014, 18:56

    Your story headlines should read ” Psycho girlfriend confesses she stabbed herself causing boyfriends death “

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  17. ronny
    ronny 20 May, 2014, 14:05

    here is a copy of mariahs signed notorized confession that she turned into the da although she tells truth on the most important part shes still lying a lot .

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  18. Baby
    Baby 29 May, 2014, 19:05

    Thank you editor for releasing the truth ! If you could change the heading of this story now … His family would appreciate it ! Thank you

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  19. ronny
    ronny 29 May, 2014, 21:30

    this is such a tragedy. and the whole thing is being covered up from central jail the hospital the county coroners office to the funeral home. why kill Bran and put comments like self inflicted wounds? there were no self inflicted wounds no hanging marks on his neck. he was not suicidal! and now there are many officials watching the people who tried to speak up for bran when he couldn’t speak for himself. to that lizard deputy at the hospital, you don’t get to get away with this. your day will come to you your not untouchable. the universe will send back the evil you have done. f***ing lizard I know what you did. just because the coroner did not do a tox lab and many other things doesn’t mean you get away with murder. it just means that the sheriff dept. shouldn’t be in charge of the county coroners office. and Mariah, what a joke shes not even one iota of sorry, she still believes he loves her so it doesn’t matter if he’s dead they’ll be together in death. now that’s some weirdo sh**. shes a creep. what a nightmare.

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  20. Baby
    Baby 4 June, 2014, 13:29

    Staff Writer ! Thank you for printing the truth – we all appreciate it ! Brandon’s family !

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  21. truth seeker
    truth seeker 12 June, 2014, 14:07

    Next the cops will release more.lies to.the media about Brandon to.cover up what theyve done he had alredy been moved to solitary when his cellie was killed theyre blaming brandon but its not possible for a man in a solitary cell to kill aperson he cannot touch or see. Unless he had immense mind powers or sonar wave weapons. Which is not the case. Do some research and.look at the rediculous number of deaths in the jails. Meds and hangings. Cover ups to killing the inmates by cops on power trips. Rest peacefully Bran. We love you and will try to get your truth out there as much as possible. They will try n stop this. But f*** em. And the da and hospitals that bulls*** reports and the coroners! Nastys your not exempt from judgement the universe sees, ,p

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  22. alan
    alan 13 June, 2014, 20:02

    I find it curious if his cellmate was killed and even his suicide why not a peep out of jail or sheriff office . Doesn’t the public have a right to know. How can a person commit suicide there at jail. Don’t they watch them. For that matter how can a cellmate be killed. Don’t they watch them. If that girl confessed why didn’t they let him out right away. He might still be alive if they had. Is there people liable.? Is a person innocent until proven guilty?

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  23. missingmyfriend
    missingmyfriend 24 June, 2014, 13:28

    ot in our courts alan, unfortunately the jail is responsible for the deaths ad mariah the one who stabbed herself will not face any charges her dady is in good with the da. it is all covered up and theres so many questionable pieces to this puzzle that dont fit. Brandon did not commit suicide and the da would not drop the charges untill his court date that took place after his death, wtf? its an atrocity my friend has a little boy and when he gets big enough hell see all the terrible media on his daddy, the media is so hard to get to publish an update. copies of the confession have been sent to every corporate owned media in san diego to post the truth, very few have. unfortunatly for most in our court of contracts it guilty until proven innocent and someone with a past that looks bad on paper will bury em everytime. this breaks my heart every day not just for Bran but for his famly of friends his beautiful wife and son and miss Baby who loved him so much and they were his world. i hope there is justice for Brandon so when his boy does look to learn about his dad he sees the truth. because Brandon Mason had a heart of gold and had a very very messed up life and to those he loved and who loved him…. well at least for me i will never have such a loyal sweet friend. it was an honor to have had him in my life.

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