Hammer attack leads to father/son looting

Hammer attack leads to father/son looting

REDDING – The Redding Police reported an incident today that have people shaking their heads to figure out what really went on.

It began last Wednesday, when 61-year-old Glen Cox had invited a young man, 29-year-old Devin Kuykendall into his home. It was not clear the reason for their meeting, whether they were two friends just getting together, or if there was some business transaction taking place. But the get-together ended rather badly, as the host asked his young vistor to leave, which Kuykendall refused to do. Cox then tried to force him to leave, and got out a hammer to threaten him. That must have just made the young man angry, as he grabbed the hammer from the older man, and hit him with it several times, including at least once on the head.

Devin Kuykendall with his father Daniel (Danny) (Facebook)

Devin Kuykendall with his father Daniel (Danny) (Facebook)

After the attack, Kuykendall was said to leave the home, but grabbed some of Cox’s property on the way out. Thinking he was finally rid of him, Cox locked his door and went to bed, as he reported to police later. In the morning he was awakened by the return of Kuykendall, who was entering Cox’s home. The young man again attacked, punching Cox several times while he was in the doorway. Cox ran from the home, and ended up that Thursday morning at Ace Hardware on Eureka Way, and called police to report the assault at 9:20 am.

Meanwhile, according to neighbors, while Cox was gone, Devin Kuykendall and his father, Danny Kuykendall, 46, began to loot Cox’s home, loading property into a red pickup.

Police are still looking for Devin Whyteagle Kuykendall and Daniel Ray Kuykendall, and no doubt want the hear their story as to why they would brutally attack an older man and then empty his home the next morning.


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  1. katherine ereaux
    katherine ereaux 26 February, 2014, 15:29

    after glen cox hit my son several time with the hammer my son grabed it from him an hit him with the wooden end,,an not with full force.or he would of had more than a little scatch an not hardly even a bruise my son was hit several times including the head by cox ,,devin was trying to get his stuff from him

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  2. katherine ereaux
    katherine ereaux 26 February, 2014, 15:43

    iv called the jail an the investgators, to take pitcures of my son wounds. I don’t know if they have yet,he was cby his self his father wasnot even there,,cox also said he woke up to devin being in his house,,and also said he was at the door when devin came in the second time his storys has so many holes in it!

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  3. katherine ereaux
    katherine ereaux 26 February, 2014, 16:02

    my is not 29 he is nineteen yrs old

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