Stow Attackers Reach Plea Deal

Stow Attackers Reach Plea Deal

LOS ANGELES – Two men accused of attacking a baseball fan outside Dodger Stadium in March 2011 reached a plea deal on Thursday.

San Bernardino County residents Marvin Eugene Norwood, 33, and Louis Alex Sanchez, 32, both from Rialto, admitted to attacking Bryan Stow, 45, outside of Dodger Stadium following the 2011 season-opening game against the visiting San Francisco Giants.

Stow, who was with friends, had driven from the Bay Area for the game. While walking through the parking lot after the game, he was viciously attacked by Norwood and Sanchez. Sanchez, who was considered the instigator in the attack, was sentenced to eight years by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge. Norwood, who will be released soon due to time already served, was sentenced to four years.The case received massive amounts of publicity.

Police initially arrested another man for the crime, but when his innocence was quickly proven, the search continued for the men eventually arrested during a police raid in their neighborhood about two months after the March 31 beating.

Evidence in the case showed that Sanchez had been harassing Giants fans during the game, which included throwing sunflower seeds, peanuts and soda at fans while trying to instigate fights. While Norwood tried to stop earlier incidents, reports said he joined in the attack on Stow after the game. Witnesses told investigators that Stow was hit from behind, knocked the ground and kicked while he was lying defenseless.

They escaped when Sanchez’s sister drove by and picked them up. Investigators were able to determine their identities by linking them to the section they were sitting inside the stadium, piecing together those who had purchased tickets, and eventually locating them in Rialto.

Authorities said both men are facing federal prison time if convicted on charges of possessing illegal weapons. When the police conducted the raids on their homes, they discovered the weapons. Having previously been convicted of a crime, they were not allowed to possess the guns.

If Stow eventually dies due to his injuries, which are considered life-long, prosecutors will be allowed to file murder charges against both Norwood and Sanchez. Stow, who is married with children, suffered severe brain damage as a result of the attacks.

In a televised portion of the sentencing hearing, Judge George Lomeli said, “I don’t normally comment, but this is the kind of case that demands it; that screams out for comment. You not only ruined the life of Mr. Stow, but of his children, his spouse, his family and friends.You are the biggest nightmare for individuals who attend public events like sporting events and concerts.”

If the case had reached trial, Sanchez faced a maximum sentence of 11 years in prison while Norwood was looking at an eight-year sentence.

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