Montebello Police “Notify” Emergency Contact by Arresting Him

Montebello Police “Notify” Emergency Contact by Arresting Him

MONTEBELLO, CA—A petty thief didn’t have to wait long to have her “emergency contact” at her side; he was apparently helping her with her petite heist.

Erika Noemi Torres, 20, was popped by Montebello police on December 4 along the 1600 block of Town Center Drive in Montebello.

Torres told police that she works as a waitress, which may have explained the $100 in cash she had in her possession when she was arrested. She also claimed that her “emergency contact” was her boyfriend, Joshua Valle.

Police did not have to waste any time reaching out to Joshua William Valle, 19. The American Apparel employee was with Torres and was arrested for the same charge. Valle also had a fair amount of pocket cash when he was arrested: $81.00.

The non-dynamic duo were charged with petty theft at about 10:30 p.m. Bail for each of the would-be thieves was set at $1,000. Both were wearing fashionably comfortable clothes: he had gray pants and and a black shirt, and she had black sweats and a blue sweater.

Unfortunately, the pair are sure to be separated with no way to contact each other in the event of an emergency for the near future.

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