19 Arrested During Pot Operation Sting

19 Arrested During Pot Operation Sting

Nineteen people were reportedly arrested during a a sting led by the Elk Grove Police Department that served warrants to 20 locations that were considered part of a large-scale indoor marijuana growing and cultivation operation, according to an official press release.

The following were all arrested on December 11, 2013, as a result of warrant service and booked into the Sacramento County Main Jail on charges for the cultivation of marijuana and possession of marijuana for sale: Chuong Kin Dip, 41; Kenneth Kin Dip, 38; Loc Trinh Dip, 81; Nhoc Kin Dip, 45; Simon Kin Dip, 37; Bao Nhit Duong, 53; Shi Lian Hoang, 57; Wendy Kwun Kong, 36; Eva Yong Xing Li, 42; Shizhen Li, 28; Chen Liang, 24; Guo Hong Tang, 34; Shang Gui Tang, 55; Tam Tong, 51; Pat Voong, 81; Jiarui Yang, 62; Quiong Mao Ye, 53; Qiong Rui Ye, 47; and Ryan Liang Ye, 26.

The suspects ranged in age from 81 Loc Trinh Dip shown, to 24 - Chen Liang shown.

The suspects ranged in age from 81 – Loc Trinh Dip shown, to 24 – Chen Liang shown.

According to the Elk Grove PD, for the past several months the department’s Street Crimes Unit had been conducting a long-term intensive investigation into a group of individuals who were responsible for a large-scale indoor marijuana growing and cultivation operation. As reportedly part of that investigation, on December 11, 2013, warrants were served to 20 locations in Elk Grove and Sacramento.

During the operation, officers reportedly seized approximately 6,000 marijuana plants, more than 180 pounds of processed marijuana, and over $70,000 in US currency.

Additionally, nine children between the ages of 1 and 15 were located at several of the homes that had been converted into marijuana growing operations, and child protective services reportedly took custody of the children, as they were being raised in a hazardous environment. According to Elk Grove PD, typically homes converted into marijuana growing operations suffer from chemical contamination, as well as electrical wiring modifications that could have exposed live wires and high-intensity light bulbs that are significant fire hazards.

Tam Tong and Quiong Mao Ye

Arrested individuals displayed various attitudes in their mugshots as well – Tam Tong and Quiong Mao Ye shown.

During the sting, Elk Grove PD reportedly worked alongside members of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, Central Valley High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (CALMET-HIDTA), Yolo Narcotics Enforcement Task Force (YONET), Yuba-Sutter Narcotic Enforcement Team (NET5) and Department of Justice Firearms (DOJ). Additionally, Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), Child Protective Services (CPS) and Elk Grove Code Enforcement provided secondary support during the operation.

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