Odd Twist In Nicolas Cage Ex-Girlfriend Burglary

Odd Twist In Nicolas Cage Ex-Girlfriend Burglary

An Inglewood couple was arrested Monday for allegedly burglarizing the home of actor Nicolas Cage’s ex-girlfriend.

Darwin Vela with the couple’s dog

In an interesting twist, suspects Darwin Vela (22) and Kelly McLaren (24) were scheduled to testify in court against a man who had already been charged with the burglary. The couple had supposedly seen defendant Richard Orozco commit the crime.

But two days before the court hearing, Vela reportedly went missing. McLaren told friends via social media that Vela never returned home from walking their dog – who she found outside “cowering” next to a bloody leash.

Police tracked down Vela the next day, taking him and McLaren into custody.

Now the couple has been charged in the crime – accused of breaking into the ex-girlfriend’s home and stealing computers and other belongings.

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