Shots Fired Tuesday Morning, Police Arrest Shooter That Night

Shots Fired Tuesday Morning, Police Arrest Shooter That Night

REDLANDS – A few hours after a man fired gunshots in a northside neighborhood, police arrested a suspect on Tuesday night. Brian Guadalupe Malgra, 22, of Redlands was arrested when police pulled up over in San Bernardino near 15th St. and Sierra Way, police said.

Malgra had shot up the 1000 block of Lombard St., police saying that bullets struck a windshield, a nearby fence and a tire on a parked car with no one inside.

The neighborhood is one block away from the scene of a deadly shooting that took place in early 2011 when two teenagers were killed and two others suffered injuries. That case, in which arrests were made over a year later, is currently pending.

Police were tipped by neighbors that not only heard the shots at 12:30 p.m., but witnessed Malgra’s vehicle leaving the neighborhood. Reports said that an argument had taken place with an area resident. Malgra was arrested late Tuesday night. Redlands Police spokesman Carl Baker said, “The incident and the motive of the shooting are still under investigation.” Baker said police received multiple calls.

Malgra, charged with suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, was booked into Central Detention Center in San Bernardino on $50,000 bail.

Quinn McCaleb and Andrew Jackson were fatally wounded in a Jan. 5, 2011 shooting that occurred just a short distance from Tuesday’s shooting. A bullet caught another victim, Jordan Howard, near his eye. Another teen was shot in the leg. A fifth was not hit. Four gang members were arrested in March 2012 in that attack.

Police did not say if Tuesday’s shooting was gang-related. No one suffered injuries in the shooting.

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