Marijuana Farm Near Winters Raided; Two Arrested

WINTERS – The lush vegetation along Putah Creek, west of the small Yolo County town of Winters, is ideal for concealing illegal activities from planes and helicopters. California Department of Fish and Wildlife warden Mark Michilizzi said illicit marijuana cultivation operations have been, therefore, a “recurring problem in that particular area.”

Kilo the K-9 aided in finding the plants

Alleged pot growers Ivan Cortez Perez, 19, and Jose Medina, 20, were tending some 2500 plants at dawn on July 17, when Michilizzi and law enforcement personnel from several local agencies raided the marijuana farm.

The two bolted in an attempt to elude the authorities in dense underbrush and trees surrounding the farm. However, they were quickly cornered and captured by a K-9 officer named Kilo.

Perez and Medina, whom Michilizzi described as “transients,” were arrested under the suspicion that they had committed several alleged felonies. The charges include “unlawful cultivation of marijuana, possession of marijuana for sale and possession of a firearm while in commission of a felony,” Michilizzi said.

After making the arrests, officers discovered 10 pounds of packaged processed marijuana and a loaded .40-caliber semi-automatic handgun in addition to the pot plants under cultivation at the camp adjoining the cultivation area . The sophisticated growing operation featured a pump that drew water from Putah Creek and connected to an intricate drip pipe irrigation system.

Medina and Perez cuffed

Also confiscated, were several barrels of pesticide imported from Mexico. Michilizzi said the matter was of special concern since it is highly poisonous to wildlife.

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