Assault Robbery Suspect captured after Fleeing

SAN JOSE – Isaac Elias Mata, 25, appeared in court earlier this week following his arrest.  Mata is being charged with PC 211-212.5(c) in which he has been identified as one of two suspects who had committed a second-degree robbery at a liquor store on June 6, 2013.  At the time of the robbery, Mata took personal property, cash and liquor from a victim during the commission of the offense.  It is also alleged that Mata had used a knife to injure a person under PC 245 (a). In the past,  Mata was convicted of using a firearm, under PC 12021 (d)(1), in which he has served a felony sentence for carrying a concealed firearm. According to Luis Ramos with the Santa Clara District Attorneys Office, a plea hearing has been scheduled in Dept. 35.

Isaac Elias Mata

Evidence shows that on June 6, 2013, two individuals entered a convenience store, the Quick Stop at 1510 Mt. Pleasant Road in San Jose. One suspect reportedly grabbed the clerk inside the store, stabbed the victim’s leg and then held a knife to her throat. After taking several items from the store, the suspects fled, but they were later identified by investigators. Video surveillance showed two individuals fleeing from the scene with alcohol and cash from the store.

The clerk was cornered by the suspect Mata near the refrigerator closet, subsequent to his drinking ¾ of a Modelo Beer. The bottle was collected as evidence at the scene. A knife and a broken bottle of Hennessey were found on the ground near the crime scene. The male suspect had thrown away several items before leaving the scene.

A black cap and T-shirt identified as being the suspect’s was located near the broken bottle, and booked into evidence. Mata and his accomplice were later identified by robbery investigators, who were able to collect fingerprints from the bottle and areas near the scene, where Mata had hid in the back of the store and surprised the clerk during the robbery attack.

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