Milpitas Police Arrest Burglary Suspect after Home Owner calls 9-1-1

MILPITAS – On May 20,  20-year-old Terrell Jamar Rhodes entered a residence located at 687 London Dr. with the intent to commit theft.

Attempting to get in sliding door

Reportedly, two people had knocked on the door of the victim for about 5-minutes, according to resident who was working at home. Once the suspects assumed that no one was at home, one suspect began to try and enter the residence. According to a report by Milpitas patrol officers, one suspect trespassed in the victim’s backyard in order to try and enter through the glass sliding door. When officers arrived, they were able to locate one subject. Rhodes had managed to run into another backyard where he was later found hiding.

During the time of the attempted burglary, a caller to the Milpitas Police 9-1-1 dispatch center reported someone trying to open the rear glass sliding door to  the victim’s home. Officers located one subject who had tried to evade officers, but was located a short time later by officers who had set up a perimeter search and took statements from a witness who heard someone jumping their back fence. Rhodes was located in a back shed near after he was seen jumping the fence by officers.

According to records, “a search team located a suspect hiding in the backyard shed located near Stratford Dr. which was a few houses south of the residence.” The suspect had tried to throw away a light gray pair of gloves, which were collected as evidence. It was suspected that he threw the gloves during his attempt to flee from officers.  He was booked into the Santa Clara County Jail on charges  PC 459, 148 (A)(1), 647 (H), and 12022.1. Rhodes was also booked on the outstanding warrant filed out of San Francisco.

A bond hearing was held on May 22, setting Rhodes’ bail amount for release at $195K. A hold was also placed on the release based on ineligibility for probation under the terms of the offense due to prior felony convictions that stem from a previous robbery case under PC 211 that occurred in Alameda County as defined under PC 667.5 (c)/1192.7 (c). Rhodes was also carried a loaded firearm which, consequentially, can result sentence of 5-years. A pre-trial conference has been set for June 11, 2013 in Dept. 38 at 1:30 pm.

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