Psychic readers arrested on grand theft, embezzlement charges

YUCAIPA – Grand theft and embezzlement charges were brought against a man and woman who are accused of fraudulently obtaining money during psychic readings in the mountain community of Crestline.

Cindy Uwanawich, arrested twice recently for taking money in her guise as a psychic

On Monday, San Bernardino County deputies released more information about the arrest of Cindy Uwanawich, 57, and Nick Uwanawich, 56, for their role in taking money from at least eight victims totaling nearly a quarter of a million dollars, according to reports. In December 2012, investigators began sifting through reports about Cindy Uwanawich, who was operating an unlicensed Psychic business in Crestline.

One victim reported that during a psychic reading Cindy told her a “negative spirit” was attached to her from a previous life. During the reading, Cindy told the victim that the spirit was bringing negative energy that was affecting her personal and professional lives, also threatening the safety of the victim and her family members. The victim claimed Cindy told her she could get rid of the evil spirit if she gave her nine pennies, nine nickels, nine dimes, nine quarters and $9,000 for a period of nine days. After the nine days, Cindy claimed she would return the money to the victim. Reports are that the money was not returned.

Nick Uwanawich, Cindy's husband and partner, was also arrested in the latest complaint

After the initial press release about Cindy’s arrest, seven more victims came forward to report additional grand theft allegations against her and her husband, Nick. The total losses to all eight victims totaled more than $238,000. Investigators said the thefts occurred during psychic readings at various locations, which included businesses known as “The Psychic Door” in Crestline, and formerly in Idyllwild; the business known as “The San Bernardino Psychic” in San Bernardino, and at Uwanawich’s residences in Crestline and San Bernardino, along with high end hotels. On May 20, 2013, Cindy and Nick Uwanawich were located attempting to operate another unlicensed psychic business in Yucaipa, and subsequently arrested for felony Grand Theft warrants related to the investigations.

Cindy Uwanawich had been arrested in January on similar charges of embezzlement for taking $3,000 from a customer as a down payment for the full $9,000. That customer was unable to get her money back or a response from Uwananwich until her arrest on January 18th. In this latest case, both Cindy and Nick Uwanawich were booked into the Central Detention Center with a bail amount of $500,000 each.

The SAn Bernardino Psychic at 228 E 40th is one of several psychic businesses the Uwanawiches ran

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