Kidnapper Captured by FBI, LAPD, Mexican Authorities and Superman


Tobias Summers, 32

Tobias Summers 32, kidnapped a 10 year old girl from her bedroom on March 27th 2013 with an accomplice, Daniel Martinez 29. Both men have been hunted down and caught thanks to FBI, LAPD, Mexican authority officials and Superman. A month long investigation yielded the kidnappers, delivering them behind bars. Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck stated after the successful extraction of the fugitive from Mexico,“We’ll hunt you. We’ll find you. You cannot hide.” Beck delivered the warning on Wednesday following the arrest in Mexico.

This could be listed as a parent’s worst fear – kidnapping of a child, bodily harm committed and the suspect never caught because they fled to a different country. Summers own tattoo of Superman on his chest was one of the positive identity markings that aided in his apprehension.

“He had embedded himself into the community in various ways at that point and we were able to extricate him from there,” Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said, speaking on Summers extradition from a rehabilitation facility south of Tijuana in a town called La Mision situated between Rosarita and Ensenada.

A tip was received to a special hotline operated by LA County Probation Department in Alhambra on Wednesday morning at approximately 1 a.m. Authorities also said that Summers was trying to blend in by living on the streets and working at a car wash reportedly one day a week.

Mexican authorities had put out flyers and the FBI released a bulletin offering a $25,000 reward for the capture of Summers, linking him to a white supremacist street gang. According to Beck “Summers was spotted on surveillance video [the previous week]. He was seen crossing a footbridge into Tecate from the United States.” Authorities had been concentrating on San Diego and the Mexican border in connection with this investigation.

If only Summers had known of  the 1946 Superman radio program, in which the “Man of Steel” tackles the Klu Klux Klan. Superman did not tolerate white supremacists. Apparently people in Mexico also did not tolerate Summer’s form of  criminal activity, as this link to the white supremacist gang was believed to have aided in the receiving of the tip.

Summers was arrested and turned over to LAPD on Wednesday April 24th, reportedly refusing to cooperate with authorities and has pled “not guilty” Thursday morning to 37 felony charges of: one count kidnapping a victim under 14, first degree burglary with a person present and 34 sex-related counts.

Summers accomplice, Daniel Martinez, arrested on April 1st  has also pled not guilty. Summers bail has been set at $19 million dollars. He is a previously convicted felon that was released due to prison overcrowding in July 2012. His next court appearance has been scheduled for May 22.

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