Drunken neighbor shoots resident

61-year-old Gabriel Edward Quihuiz was arraigned earlier this month in the San Jose Hall of Justice for the crime of attempted murder in PC664 (a) – 187, a Felony, the result of his attempt to kill a person on Jan 30. The charges are added under the premeditation and forethought to attempt to commit murder under 664, 187 and 189.  Quihuiz has also been charged with discharging a hand gun in order to cause great bodily injury, under PC 12022.7.

The shooting happened in the afternoon hours in this San Jose neighborhood

Responding to the area near 1682 Crucero Drive, officers located a victim, which confirmed reports that a person had been shot.  Quihiz appeared from just beyond a cul-de-sac, and stumbled near where officers were. They believed him to be heavily intoxicated from alcohol abuse. Upon further questioning, Quihuiz began to admit to officers that he had committed the shooting.  The victim had been shot twice in the chest area, and upon discovery he was transported to the Regional Medical Center.

To confirm their account of the incident, investigators asked the victim who had shot him.  The victim had replied that “Gabriel” had shot him.  While he was inside, the suspect had fired 3 or 4 shots from outside of the house.  A total of six gun shots were heard by people from inside the home were the victim was found.  Witnesses were also able to identify Quihiz as the person running from the scene after the shooting.

Public information officer Albert Morales with the San Jose Police Department said, “Whenever we come into contact with people we know that people possess them illegally, we have to go out there and make contact with these people.”  Morales said, “Officers will do a follow up on any information regarding anyone possessing a gun illegally.”

Multiple firearms and ammunition were located at Quihiz’s residence.  Investigating officers found a silver revolver on a couch in the front living room area.  There was also a black revolver recovered from the master bedroom.

The department is aware that there are numerous individuals who posses illegal firearms, and get the guns by any means.  Guns can be obtained illegally by purchasing them on the street, committing a burglary or robbery that results in the theft of a firearm.  “The department is vigilant to enforce the law when we come into contact with individuals illegally possessing fire arms,” Morales said.

No arguments were heard at the time of the shooting, but the suspect at the time had acknowledged that the individual was of a younger stature and that he had felt he was protecting his home when he confronted the victim and shot at  him, hitting him twice in the chest area.  The argument began when the victim had asked Quihiz for twenty dollars.  Reports state Quihiz argued with the victim, telling him if he would clean up the leaves in the front yard he would give him the money.  The argument had progressed, which led Quihiz to shoot the victim.

The San Jose Police Department proactively enforces gun laws.  “There is no real way to track the illegal possession of a firearm until an officer will come into contact with people who have them,” Morales said.  “We know there are a lot of people who own them.”  The SJPD will take steps to find those individuals who committed violent acts.  The department is proactive in trying to recover guns that have been reported stolen.  Morales said, “The idea is to get the weapon back to the rightful owners.”

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