Multiple Agencies Raid Pot Dispensaries, Await State Court Ruling

SAN BERNARDINO – A string of law enforcement agencies raided a chain of medical marijuana dispensaries, plus a private residence on Wednesday.

Police said that federal drug agents, city attorney’s investigator, code enforcement officers and local units served warrants at various sites that included addresses in well-known areas throughout the city. Drug Enforcement Administration spokeswoman Sarah E. Pullen, a special agent, said “The search warrants were all served simultaneously without incident. Once the evidence is processed, the U.S. Attorney’s Office will make the final decision if any criminal charges will be filed (against Kush Concepts).”

Kush Concepts East on Del Rosa Avenue

Kush Koncepts East, located at 1996 Del Rosa Avenue, Kush Koncepts North, located at 304 West 40th Street, and Kush Koncepts West, located at 1600 North Arrowhead Avenue, were among the dispensaries that were raided. The residence that was raided was located at 3577 Manzanita Drive. There were no arrests made during the raids.

Though the legal sale of medical marijuana was passed by state voters, City Attorney James F. Penman declared the businesses banned in April 2011. Over 50 medical marijuana businesses were listed within the city, violating the 2011 ordinance. Approximately half have been closed by city actions.

Kush Concepts West located in this building on Arrowhead,

Jolena Grider, assistant city attorney, said criminal elements are panhandling the areas surrounding the businesses, only adding to the discomfort of residents. She said crime rates are rising within a one-mile radius of the businesses. Grider referred to a California State Supreme Court ruling that is expected in the next 90 days “that would decide how much further we can go in these cases.” The ruling is expected to develop cases that challenge cities’ uses of banning dispensaries.

One DEA agent wrote that search warrants were seeking evidence of possession with intent to distribute, and distribution of a controlled substance.

Kush Concepts produced a commercial available on YouTube. Warning – images of explicit drug use – viewer discretion advised

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