Sheriffs, FBI Combine To Make Arrests In Yucaipa Bombings

YUCAIPA – Police agencies, including the FBI, combined to make five arrests on Friday in connection with a series of chemical bombings that took place over a five-day span in early October.

More information was released on Monday surrounding the arrests of Joseph Keddy, 20, Ryan Cherry, 20, Matthew Garris, 22, Daniel Wurl, 20, and Jeremy Erickson, 21, all of Yucaipa. Each one denied involvement in the bombings during investigation by the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Dept. and FBI. Investigators, however, believe they were responsible for making bombs that were dropped at various residences around Yucaipa between Oct. 4-8.

A typical "Bottle Bomb" can be a simple plastic soda bottle with unknown contents. Police warn against touching or moving a suspicious object.

The bombs, said police, were made from household chemicals which are considered volatile. Combining certain types of ingredients in shaken, capped containers resulting in a chemical reaction could cause it to explode.
Though no injuries were reported during nine incidents that involved 17 explosive devices, police said there was significant property damage. In a release, the sheriff’s department said others “narrowly avoided sustaining personal bodily injury or worse.”

The lengthy investigation, which included the county sheriff, FBI and assistance by Redlands police, was headed by the Bomb/Arson Division. Early in the investigation, information led detectives to consider all five suspects as “persons of interest.” Yucaipa detectives and FBI agents contacted and interviewed each one of the suspects, each of whom denied involvement. Continued investigation uncovered evidence that linked each suspect to the October bombing incidents, said authorities. Reports did not disclose those links.

Multiple search warrants were served on Friday, including arrest warrants for each suspect. Bail was set for each suspect, booked at Central Detention Center for felony violation of possessing, exploding or attempting to explode any destructive devices, at $1 million.

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