Woman fights off kidnapping attempt

WHITTIER – Thanks to her keen eye and resistance efforts, a Whittier woman not only thwarted 27-year-old Roman Solis’ attempt to kidnap her, but was able to assist police in his November 27th arrest as well.

Solis accosted the victim for the third time at the Whittwood Plaza parking lot

According to a press release from the Whittier Police Department, Solis first gained the attention of the 39-year-old victim as she was walking in the area of Whittier Boulevard and Gunn Avenue. Solis approached the victim in a black Toyota Corolla and asked her if she wanted a ride. When the victim responded “No,” the victim drove away eastbound on Whittier Boulevard.

It wouldn’t be long before the victim encountered Solis again. A block away from the location of the original encounter, Solis approached the victim again in a parking lot. The victim again said “No,” and Solis drove away. The victim then watched as Solis set up a third encounter by parking his car three yards away in the Whittwood Plaza parking lot. But instead of offering a ride like the first two encounters, Solis jumped out of the vehicle with his pants down and attempted to pull the victim into his car by her arm. The victim resisted and pulled away, causing Solis to flee the scene in his car and drive eastbound. As the Corolla drove away, the vicim obtained his license plate number and reported it to the police. Whittier Police were then able to track to the number to Solis’ residence at the 10400 block of Santa Gertrudes Avenue in Whittier.

Solis was tracked to his residence on Santa Gertrudes and arrested

After the victim positively identified Solis, he was arrested for attempted kidnapping and indecent exposure. He was booked at the Whittier Police Department and is being held on a $100,000 bail.

According to Whittier Police Department Community Relations Officer Brad White, local residents shouldn’t fear walking around the Whittier Boulevard area despite the attempted kidnapping. “I hope people won’t be concerned about the area. It is very, very safe,” said Officer White.

Officer White did give some general advice to both men and women of all ages if faced with this sort of situation. “If you are out and about, always be with two or more people. Always be in numbers” said Officer White. “The biggest thing is to always be aware of your surroundings.”

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