Stalking arrest near light rail

According to the Sheriff’s department on October 15, 2012, 52 year old Steve Sunseri, who has been separated from his wife for the last year, was arrested for stalking. Sunseri approached the victim at the 900 Chynoweth Ave light rail station, arguing with her to let him drive her home.

Steven Dick, the Supervising Deputy District Attorney, Family Violence Unit of the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office said, “People who engage in stalking behavior usually do so at the end of a relationship and often exhibit extreme controlling behaviors during a relationship.”

The victim did not want Sunseri to know where she lived due to previous domestic cases where she had felt powerless to prevent previous harassment. The suspect refused to leave,  causing severe distress when Sunseri threatened the victim with bodily injury and or death.

Sunseri confronted his estranged wife as she got off the light rail.

Often times however, a domestic case can escalate into an elder abuse case when as the aggressor ages, he or she could become increasingly abusive and/or controlling in the relationship due to an early onset of Alzheimer’s or depression associated with old age.

Dick said, “When stalking occurs in the context of an intimate or former intimate relationship, it is generally an attempt by the stalker to maintain the connection with their former partner and remain in power and control over the victim.” When his wife refused to join him, Sunseri attempted to stop her from boarding a bus.

During an incident it is usually in the best interest of the victim to seek a protective order of some sort.  This will help deter any future confrontations.  “There are numerous types of protective orders.  There is an Emergency Protective Order (EPRO) that is given by police officers as the scene of a domestic violence or stalking incident.  This order is valid for 5 days.  There is also a Criminal Protective Order (CPO). This order is issued due to a criminal case being prosecuted,” Dick said.

During their argument an Allied Barton Security officer made contact with the victim, and he then contacted the Santa Clara County’s Sheriff’s department.  An emergency protective order was issued following the booking of Sunseri into the Santa Clara County Main Jail. “Once the defendant is sentenced, the Court may issue a protective order for up to 10 years,” Dick said.

Other records show that the Sunseri was calling and leaving threatening phone calls, and the victim was made to change her telephone number and file a complaint against Sunseri for domestic disturbance calls.

“Once a protective order has been issued, the protected party should immediately contact the police if there has been a violation of the order.  The victim should also try and have a cell phone so they can call the police and potentially take a photograph of the perpetrator violating the order and the victim should keep a log of all suspicious behavior,” Dick said.

“Our office aggressively prosecutes these cases to help ensure the victim’s safety.  Probationary terms may include, but are not limited to, requiring the perpetrator to complete a yearlong counseling program, be restricted from owning firearms for life, be restrained from contacting the protected parties, and incarceration.”

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