MET Shuts Down Pot Growing Home in Upscale Rancho Cucamonga Neighborhood

RANCHO CUCAMONGA – San Bernardino County deputies Marijuana Eradication Team -MET – shut down a marijuana growing business that was taking place in an upscale neighborhood near a major shopping center on Tuesday.

Investigators said that 376 plants were seized, growing in virtually every room inside the house at the 7300 block of Roundhill Place. Part of the crime included stealing power so that Southern California Edison workers would not detect the lengths to which the renters of this home had gone.

People in the upscale Roundhill Place neighborhood noticed suspicious cars coming and going from the rental home

A search warrant was served shortly after 11 a.m. at a house located within blocks of Victoria Gardens Mall. Suspects were arrested but have not yet been identified. Police said that neighbors noticed various vehicles coming and going at the home on multiple occasions. Part of the process included drivers honking their horn, then watching the garage door opening. The vehicle would proceed into the garage.

During the investigation, detectives found the residence had every window darkened so that no one could see inside. The house was sealed tight, said detectives. Inside the home, detectives found further modifications were made in order to disguise the growing operation. In one case, a false door was erected to disguise what was growing behind the doors of the main grow room.

“The power was by-passed from the meter so Edison wouldn’t become wise to the illegal grow inside the home,” said investigators. “It looks like it was a professional electrician that did this.”

The county’s Marijuana Eradication Team actively seeks growing facilities throughout the county. Sheriff Rod Hoops said eight warrants have been served around the county since mid-September, the latest coming last week in Apple Valley when 90 plants and over 30 pounds of marijuana was seized. No value of the seized marijuana in Rancho Cucamonga has yet been disclosed. But authorities said there were about $50,000 in total damages to the home and another $10,000 in stolen electricity.

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