Stiff Sentences for Two Charged in Hanford Police Officer Shooting

Shooting a police officer can lead to some pretty serious consequences, as evidenced by the sentencing of two men on Friday who shot a Hanford police officer back in 2010, according to the Kings County District Attorney’s office.

Juan Carlos Aguirre

Juan Carlos Aguirre, 26, and Alberto Zeferino Hernandez, 27, were convicted in the attempted murder of the officer, who was shot in the leg after trying to make a traffic stop. Aguirre was sentenced to 79 years and eight months. Hernandez was sentenced to 24 years and eight months.

The officer tried to stop a vehicle driven by Hernandez because of an equipment violation on Nov. 20, 2010. Aguirre was seated in the passenger seat. According to the police report, instead of stopping, Hernandez raced away through Hanford and out to a rural area located east of the city.

Alberto Zerfino Hernandez

With the officer in pursuit of the vehicle, as well as another officer joining the pursuit in another vehicle, Hernandez stopped on Flint Avenue between Fifth and Sixth avenues when he and Aguirre exited the vehicle and ran. As the officers chased after Hernandez, an officer was shot in the leg.

An exchange of gunfire followed. Hernandez and Aguirre were caught a short time later. The injured officer suffered permanent nerve damage but returned to work five weeks later, said the District Attorney’s Office.

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