Court Sting Nets Unlicensed Drivers Behind The Wheel

SAN BERNARDINO – Police nabbed various offenders during a sting operation on Tuesday at San Bernardino Superior Court, aimed at netting drivers whose licenses were suspended or revoked, but continued to drive. Police officers staked out offenders who had been told by a judge not to drive.

San Bernardino Superior Court

Lt. Paul Williams said that 20 offenders were followed outside by officers from the courtroom to their vehicles to insure they were not driving. He said some offenders had alternate means of transportation, but others who were in court for DUI offenses proceeded to get behind the wheel of a vehicle and drive anyway.

San Bernardino police had issued a prior press release announcing the Sting. Traffic Sgt. Vicki Cervantes said, “An officer will observe court proceedings and monitor those individuals to see if they leave court, only to get behind the wheel and drive away. Officers on the street will be alerted to the violations and effect a traffic stop to contact the driver and take appropriate enforcement action by either taking the violator into custody, or issuing a citation before impounding the vehicle for up to 30 days.”

Drivers did not get far before police halted their progress for violating court ordered restrictions on driving

Those who chose to drive were stopped by awaiting officers for various offenses:
• Nine for suspended-revoked licenses.
• Six who were driving with suspended or expired licenses.
• Ten citations were issued for miscellaneous violations.
• Nine parking citations.

Fifteen vehicles were towed and impounded.

Offenders, said Cervantes, will face additional trips to court, fines and possible jail time for failing to obey court and Dept. of Motor Vehicle orders not to drive without an effective license. “When family, friends and co-workers find out,” said Williams, “violators can also face tremendous personal embarrassment and humiliation.”

The stakeout was held from 8 a.m. through noon. Williams said there have been Court Sting operations held before, and that those arrested could face larger financial hits, including attorney’s fees, court costs, lost time at work and potential loss of job or job prospects.

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