Alameda traffic stop yields meth, weapons arrest

At 2:30pm on February 1, Alameda resident Martin Van-Le was stopped for a minor traffic violation while driving through the 1800 block of Webster Street. According to the police report, “a strong odor of marijuana could be smelled coming from the inside of [Van-Le’s] vehicle” as officers approached his car. A responding officer searched the car and recovered an expandable baton, false bottom container, methamphetamine packaged for sale, and a methamphetamine glass pipe.

After the stop, 24-year-old Van-Le allowed police to search his Alameda home. As stated in the police report, “[a] consensual search of [Van-Le’s] apartment revealed an AK-47 assault rifle, illegal assault rifle magazines, handguns and marijuana packaged for sale.”

Van-Le was arrested for possessing an assault weapon, drug paraphernalia, and marijuana with the intent to sale. Additional charges included unlawful carrying and possession of weapons, transporting methamphetamine, selling methamphetamine, and violating section 11366 of the California Penal Code: “maintain[ing] a place for the purpose of unlawfully selling, giving away, or using a controlled substance.” Van-Le faces up to 9 and a half years in prison and $21,500 in fines.

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  1. Jenna
    Jenna 10 February, 2012, 09:52

    Why in the world did he give permission for a search of his home? Never, repeat never, do you give them permission to do anything more.

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  2. Best Buy
    Best Buy 10 February, 2012, 12:47

    Sweet Revenge for an A-hole like this one

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  3. Random web surfer
    Random web surfer 16 February, 2012, 08:23

    You know that saying… “YOU CAN NEVER CATCH A CRACK HEAD??”

    Well who ever said that was a liar! LMFAO!!

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