Conrad Murray lawyers want Nancy Grace to beat it

LOS ANGELES – The ability of a jury of one’s peers to deliver a fair verdict in today’s media climate has once more been called into question, this time by the defense team of Dr. Conrad Murray, who is currently facing an involuntary manslaughter charge for allegedly not taking very good care of Michael Jackson while acting as his personal physician.

In the wake of the recent Casey Anthony trial, Murray’s lawyers expressed concern that the minds of jurors could be polluted by some television programs, specifically that of HLN’s Nancy Grace, according to the Los Angeles Times.

“I just think there is an overwhelming likelihood of contamination of the court’s control of evidence,” Murray’s lawyer, J. Michael Flanagan, reportedly said to Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor.

Grace fired back Wednesday during her show, reports CNN, saying:

“The doctor charged in the death of music superstar Michael Jackson, killing him allegedly with a powerful propofol anesthesia, wants the jury sequestered, from me! From US! Claiming watching ‘Nancy Grace’ will prevent a fair trial; that the jury will be biased. So I guess that makes us, umm … the good guys!”

During the Anthony trial, Grace used her nightly program to express her sincere belief that Anthony, whom she dubbed “tot mom,” was guilty of murdering her toddler-daughter. Anthony was ultimately found not guilty.

This fact had no impact on the Murray courtroom discussions, however, and Murray’s defense team still requested the jury be sequestered to avoid Grace’s show, reasoning that simply telling the jury not to watch the program was unrealistic, reports TMZ.

The judge agreed they could file a motion to sequester the jury but that it would be expensive, excessive and tough on the jurors.

Other arguments about what might or might not be included in the upcoming trial, which after many delays is scheduled to kick off Sept. 8, included footage from Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” rehearsals.

Prosecutors say the footage should be admissible while the defense contends it is irrelevant, leaving the judge no choice but to view the many hours of raw footage at Sony Pictures Studios and come to a decision on the matter.

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  1. Mark
    Mark 22 July, 2011, 22:43

    Just goes to show you how warped this woman is. tainting a jury so that an unfair trial is insured makes her the “good guy”? How can a responsible network such as CNN employ this woman even if the ad revenue is there? Other networks have fired employees for much less than she gets away with every night. If anuything happens to Casey Anthony, that chicken roosts right at Grace’s doorstep!

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  2. Rick
    Rick 23 July, 2011, 03:26

    Just looking for an outlet to express my utter contempt for this obnoxious woman. She truly proves there is no underestimating the tastes of Americans. What she does is irresponsible and insulting to the intelligence of anyone who has any. I love to read. I haven’t tried one of her books. I’m making the assumption that they are as inane as she is; I think I’m pretty safe.

    I’m a really passive person. I have to say it would give me great pleasure to watch someone slap the S**t out of her.

    By the way, the exonerated mother’s name is Casey Anthony, not Tot Mom. I think Anthony is thoroughly disgusting, innocent or guilty, but Grace’s asinine insistence on calling her that just reflects on her.

    In short, Nancy Grace makes Jerry Springer look classy. At least Springer knows it’s all a joke. Grace is just pathetically ego driven and hateful. Anything that would get her off the air would be a blessing. CNN is apparently willing to give up any credibility they are trying to achieve for the bucks. Hell, they let Glenn Beck on the air. Now there are three 24 hour news networks I won’t watch. I’m done.

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  3. John
    John 23 July, 2011, 03:48

    Conrad Murray really wants the jury to be under the influence of Diprivan throughout the trial. When they’re woken up, they’ll all think no damaging evidence was offered up.

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  4. Mary
    Mary 28 July, 2011, 10:39

    Nancy Grace provides a valuable service, intonating her strong views on the criminal system with passion based on facts. You “haters” are threatened by her ability to communicate to viewers. Like she says, some people want to “coddle criminals”. Get over it. Don’t watch HLN and don’t criticize CNN, just switch channels. MANY of us will continue to follow HLN, including Valez, Dr. Drew and others. Everyone has a different take on Casey and a unique style of delivering their opinions, that’s all. HLN is full of opinions, that’s why it is separate from CNN. Take a hike, you “haters”.

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  5. Lisa
    Lisa 31 July, 2011, 20:03

    Has nothing to with “hate” Ms. Mary, when it comes to Nancy Grace. My view in-regards to the recent trial are Ms. Grace took a hateful public vengeance against Ms. Anthony, and it became old and repetitive to watch and hear on T.V. Ms. Grace emotionally convicted Ms. Anthony before evidence was gathered. Her integrity, I once respected, is shot in my eyes. I am a Mother, too and I do not believe Ms. Anthony is capable of murdering her child; she WAS a professional liar… something you learn at a very young age due to fear, for many years she had to keep secrets. The drugs and alcohol have been only to cover years of pain and the secrets she had to keep, she lived with those lies daily. Her Father on the other hand, he had a lot to lose, after all he was a man of Law and his wife a Nurse, he had an image to portray that would be devastating if it leaked out, surely he expressed that to his daughter holding it over her head for many years. If she were to ever tell, she would be responsible for dismembering their family. The man remained emotionless during the meetings at the jail while his wife was losing all composure realizing her world had just fallen apart. He knew what happened all along. My opinion.

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  6. Jane
    Jane 22 August, 2011, 20:56

    All he needs to do is to get a jury-full of Nancy Grace fans and they will undoubtedly acquit him on all charges because they will not be able to comprehend the case. -Jane

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