Jermaine Jackson claims suitcase of valuables stolen

Jermaine Jackson claims suitcase of valuables stolen

Courtesy to CrimeVoice: Jermaine Jackson

LOS ANGELES — Jermaine Jackson recently experienced a major hit. Unfortunately, it wasn’t of the pop song variety.

First reported by celebrity website TMZ on Monday, the ’70s pop singer and the late Michael Jackson’s older brother claimed that nearly $200,000 worth of loot was pilfered from his home. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department confirmed the report, which was filed in a statement by Jermaine and his wife, Halima Rashid, in mid-September.

According to the report, Jackson had just returned to his Calabasas home following a vacation. Leaving his luggage unpacked, he then went to sleep.

When he woke up in the morning, he noticed a door that he’d left unlocked was open. Shortly thereafter he and his wife realized a suitcase was missing. The designer piece of Louis Vuitton luggage reportedly contained valuables that included expensive watches, jewelry, clothes and furs worth approximately $192,000.

Authorities claim they have neither leads nor suspects in the case.

Along with the alleged robbery, Jackson has been experiencing other financial burdens in his life. It is being widely reported that the mansion he is renting is going through foreclosure and is scheduled to be auctioned Jan. 21.

Also, an inability to make child support payments has been an ongoing issue for Jackson. reports that even his driver’s license was taken away by California authorities because he allegedly owes his ex-wife more than $91,000 in back payments.

Jackson claims he can’t make child support payments because he no longer has a career and his business is failing.

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  1. Santa
    Santa 22 December, 2010, 16:12

    hmmm can’t make his child support payments, doesn’t have a business anymore or career? He should sell some of those valuables to support his kids etc…. what a joke!

    And someone broke in just to take his suitcase! HA! Yeah right! Is it called insurance fraud?

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  2. mrm
    mrm 22 December, 2010, 17:10

    jermaine needs to get a job and quit trying to live off of his mother and take care of his children. Maybe if he wasn’t so concern about trying to look like he is someone then maybe he can get his life back on track and make something of himself. They have been so greedy and lived off of Michael so many years now they can’t. Now there hurting and losing everything its time to grow up and take care of your own and realize that you have children to take care of your own and not depend on your mother to do it

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  3. Marc Bentzen
    Marc Bentzen 23 December, 2010, 09:07

    Listen to “Word to the Badd”

    You reap what you sow

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  4. Ines
    Ines 23 December, 2010, 19:33

    Felicidades Jermaine !! Que lastima haber eso un robo de sorpresa! Si algún dia puedes cambiar de lejos de su madre y haz una carrera si puedes o no? espero que superar los pagos de manuteción a los niños pero el tiempo dirá…. hazlo de manera a partir de ahora

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  5. TommyBoy
    TommyBoy 25 December, 2010, 18:10

    What a Douche!!!!!!! Just like the rest of the useless brothers… I find them revolting!!!!!

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