Suspected drug runner runs into arrest

SANTA BARBARA — Three months of investigation, followed by a sprinting foot chase in the early morning hours of Dec. 2, and Santa Barbara County narcotics detectives have busted an armed and dangerous suspected cocaine dealer.

Alejandro Barragan, 28, was visiting his next door neighbor Thursday when he saw detectives approach his residence preparing to serve a search warrant. As detailed by department spokesman Drew Sugars, Barragan immediately fled out the back door of the neighbor’s house, only to have deputies take off in hot foot pursuit. During his flight through the local neighborhood, which Sugars described as “densely populated by families with numerous children present,” Barragan threw six bindles of cocaine into another neighboring house. He was tackled to the ground shortly thereafter.

The search of Barragan’s residence produced ¾ ounce of cocaine, ¼ pound of marijuana, two stolen handguns, ammunition, various illegal knives, brass knuckles and striking weapons. Deputies also seized scales, packaging materials and $800 cash, “all indicative of active drug sales,” according to Sugars.

Barragan was booked into Santa Barbara County Jail on charges of possession of cocaine for sales, possession of marijuana for sales, possession of narcotics for sales while armed, possession of dangerous weapons, destruction and concealment of evidence, and resisting a peace officer. He is currently held on $30,000 bail.

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