Court documents reveal allegations in probe of Rialto police

RIALTO — Court documents reveal that a strip club waitress told officials she was physically abused by a Rialto police officer, unveiling an array of possible behavioral issues within the beleaguered department.

Rialto police Chief Mark Kling has placed four officers, including James Dobbs, the alleged father of strip club waitress Nancy Holtgreve’s baby, on paid administrative leave. Meanwhile, Rialto police are conducting further investigations.

“We’ve got confirmation that employees of the Spearmint Rhino were involved with officers in our department,” Kling has told local media.

There has never been confirmation on whether or not those employees were exotic dancers.

According to 37-year-old Chino resident Holtgreve, who serves drinks at the Spearmint Rhino, officers may have been on duty when involved in sexual activities. Internal investigators are probing those claims, said Kling, and are not likely to conclude their investigation until late August or September.

Holtgreve, who said she made the allegations because she feared for her safety, has told police that she had sex with Dobbs on at least three occasions at the Rialto Police Benefit Association’s union hall after she left work. Holtgreve, who met Dobbs in 2007, alleges that Dobbs was still on duty during their trysts.

The hall has sleeping facilities for officers working double shifts or those working graveyard hours. As a result of the allegations, locks have been changed and officers are allowed into the facility only when they have legitimate business, according to officials.

Dobbs has been identified, but Kling won’t release the names of other officers under scrutiny.

According to documents, Holtgreve contacted Kling on either May 5 or May 12 to talk about the developments between her and Dobbs. The officer, meanwhile, responded, “She called my work just to get me in trouble.”

Investigators have learned Holtgreve has been in contact with Dobbs’ former in-laws; statements have also been taken from family friends offering eyewitness accounts of Dobbs’ behavior.

Kling has steadfastly maintained that any police misconduct would represent a small stain for the Rialto police force.

“This is not representative of the overwhelming majority of officers and employees who represent this department,” he said.

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