MySpace Page Helps Lead Hayward Police to Robbery Suspect

HAYWARD, CA – Hayward Police arrested Ghazanfar Halepota, 26, on Wednesday in connection with an armed robbery after one of the victims tracked down the suspect’s MySpace page, police said. Halepota, a rapper who goes by the stage name G-Loc, had approached the victim at the Funky Monkey bar the night before the robbery and told him about his group’s MySpace page.

Ghazanfar Halepota

As the patron later left the bar around 1:15 a.m. Sunday, a custom-painted Dodge Charger drove up and two men got out, pointing handguns at the patron and his friends and demanding their jewelry and other posessions.

As the robbers returned to their car, the patron recognized the driver as the man who’d spoken to him inside the bar, police said. The victim then searched MySpace and was able to identify the driver as Halepota, whose address is presently unknown. The victim reported his discovery to police.

Officers earlier this week arrested Dante James Ford, 23, of East Palo Alto, after identifying the blue-and-silver Charger as one registered to an address on Gushue Street in Hayward. Though the car was not found at that location, police identified Ford, who was parked in front of the property in a different car, as matching the description of one of the gunmen.

On Wednesday, officers spotted the custom-pained Charger on Mission Boulevard and arrested Halepota, who was positively identified by the bar patron.

A third suspect remains at large.

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