Alameda Burglary Suspect Arrested Carrying Weapons and Burglary Tools

ALAMEDA, CA –On the afternoon of Tuesday, March 10, Alameda police stopped Tad Louis Desilets, 44, at 208 Central Avenue because the gray-haired, blue-eyed, 130-pound white male matched the description of a wanted burglary suspect.

A witness identified Desliets, a transient who refused to provide his occupation, as the suspect in a prior burglary.

When police searched Desliets they discovered concealed knives, sticks, and sharpened rebar in his possession; he was also carrying what police described as “burglary tools.” In addition, Desilets had on his person a debit card that was not in his name. He was arrested at the scene and taken into custody on charges of burglary, possession of tools intended to be used in the commission of a burglary, unlawful carrying and possession of weapons, and possession of property under circumstances which gave him knowledge of — or means of inquiry into — the true owner.

Under California Penal Code 485, appropriation of such property without first making “reasonable and just efforts to find the owner and to restore the property to him” is classified as theft.

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